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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thinking of Eating Meat Causes Antisocial Behavior?

Study of meat eaters are selfish and less social was a hoaxOne of the faculty members here in The Netherlands (Richard Gill) told me about this social scientist (Diederik Stapel) who long fabricated data purporting to provide evidence for things like: thinking of eating meat causes anti-social behavior.  He was only very recently fired.  My cynical question is: isn't there enough latitude in any data purporting to provide evidence for such claims to avoid the need for outright fabrication?

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The study by three university professors to show that meat eaters are "selfish bastards" is based on fraud.

The professors suggested, based on a study, that meat eaters are more selfish than vegetarians and that they are less social to compensate their insecurity and loneliness.

The psychologists of the Radboud University Nijmegen and Tilburg University concluded from various studies on the psychological significance of meat.

They stated that thinking of meat makes people less socially and in many respects more "loutish". It also appears that people are more likely to choose meat when they feel insecure, perhaps because it is a feeling of superiority or status displays, the researchers suggest.

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