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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MOVED: Reflections on the Paradigm Change (2/1/12): NEW ADDRESS:

Dear Reader: (Wed. noon):  Well we've moved, in the sort of piecemeal, unsettled manner that I suppose the error statistical philosophy favors: take the leap first, then be compelled to adjust by trial and error stress tests afterward.  As with all such progressive changes, while some of the old problems are solved, new and deeper problems appear; things that were easy to explain in the old paradigm are no longer explicable (as of yet), and some activities that were problem-free and predictable before, are now filled with puzzles and uncertainties.  I'm not throwing out this glorious old typing machine just yet still serves in some areas as a kind of limiting case, and standard, when the exactitude of the new paradigm is scarcely needed.  Well, see you over there...Taking a day off to unpack all those boxes that the moving people brought over to this morning.
Best, Mayo

Dear Reader: Tuesday evening:
Well, I lied, because I'm back to using my trusty old machine while snafus with the new, improved platform are ironed out--and isn't it lucky that I didn't take it out with the trash this afternoon?  If you wish to post any comments, solutions to the riddle, or share condolences, you may still post here.  Sorry.
D. Mayo

Dear Reader: (Tues. a.m.)
Well this is my last post typed out on this old thing. I thought it perfectly good actually, even though this keyboard is a bit rusty and the fonts often have a mind of their own; I shall miss it.  You will laugh to hear that a representative from Elba actually had to fly all the way to the U.S. to ensure I’d finally stop dithering and move to the new-fangled blog site that currently exists as an alternative universe (until we turn it on).  My Elbian friends know all too well that in situations like these I have a tendency to display what Nietzsche calls the Russian Fatalism:
 “by tenaciously clinging for years to all but intolerable situations, places, apartments, and society, merely because they happened to be given by accident: it was better than changing them, than feeling that they could be changed.” (Ecce Homo, I think it’s Why I am So Wise)

Anyway, as my last little puzzle from here, you may have noticed a caption under the picture of Elba (on this page) for the past several weeks (although no one has mentioned it):

able no stats on Elba

What is interesting about this phrase do you spoze?  You only have today to answer (for a w-point).
Yours Sincerely,
D. Mayo 

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