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Monday, September 12, 2011

Comment on the Comments

It was arranged for an islander J.M.  to help with this (my first) blog, especially as service is spotty and I have to take a ferry to get proper internet.  During a brief blackout in the village (Saturday), it seems, J.M. was working on the settings and lost the comments!  Apologies. Comments are back up now, and open.  Given that the ferry is also used as some sort of a funky fishing boat, the thought of which makes me feel seasick, I restrict trips to around 3 a week.  Thus, don't expect greater output than that for now, although J.M., having been some kind of a sailor or perhaps a whaler could go for me.  I am staying over this time—dinner invite at the Mulini Palace!--- and should put up a new post later, dealing with the first criticism.

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